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Consulting Services

  • Operational
    • Concerned primarily with responses to internal issues such as improving efficiency and controlling costs
    • Looks at activities as a sequential process. The objective is to find inefficiencies and make the process more effective
    • The process of reorganized assets around whole processes rather than tasks.
    • Breaking down of functional silos where isolated departments seldom talked to each other.
    • Eliminates waste due to functional overlap and interdepartmental communications.
  • Strategic
    • Concerned primarily with responses to external issues such as in understanding customers' needs and responding to competitive forces
    • Establishing strategic positioning:
      • Creating a "unique and valuable position"
      • Making trade-offs by choosing "what not to do"
      • Creating "a fit" by aligning company activities with one another to support the chosen strategy
      • Defining "a system of finding, formulating, and developing a doctrine that will ensure long-term success if followed faithfully.
    • Provides overall direction to the enterprise
      • Specifying the organizations objectives
      • Developing policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives
      • Allocating resources to implement the plans
    • Adapting the organization to its business environment.
      • A fluid and complex process.
      • Change creates novel combinations of circumstances requiring unstructured non-repetitive responses.
      • Affects the entire organization by providing direction.
    • Strategy formation (content) and strategy implementation (process).
    • Multi-level approach: overall corporate strategy and individual business strategies.
  • Management
    • Identification of core competencies, then assembling assets that will increase value added and provide a competitive advantage. This is achieved through; innovation, reputation and organizational structure
    • Simultaneous continuous improvement in cost, quality, service, and product innovation
    • Breaking down organizational barriers between departments
    • Eliminating layers of management creating flatter organizational hierarchies.
    • Closer relationships with customers and suppliers
    • Intelligent use of new technology
    • Global focus
    • Improving human resource skills
      • Sensitivity to the business environment — the ability to learn and adjust
      • Cohesion and identity — the ability to build a community with personality, vision, and purpose
      • Tolerance and decentralization — the ability to build relationships
      • Conservative financing
  • Client Focus
    • This covers marketing, sales, branding, market orientation, customer orientation, customer focus, customer-driven and market focus.
    • Total Customer Service analysis looking at:
      • The service profit chain
      • Service gaps analysis (encounter, strategic vision, mapping, and teams.
    • Business Development looking at:
      • Client Relationship Management
      • Relationship mapping (internal & external)
      • Pitching (formulation and delivery)
      • Selling (skills, motivation)
      • Objection handling
      • Proposals (preparation and boilerplates)
      • Presentations (preparation and delivery)
      • Closing (techniques)
  • Organizational
    • Dealing with change and exploring of ideas:
      • Technical and production
      • Political and resource allocation
      • Company culture.
    • Evaluation of organizational structures:
      • Continuously expanding a team’s capacity to learn and be productive.
      • New patterns of thinking are nurtured.
      • Collective aspirations are encouraged.
      • People are encouraged to see the “whole picture” together.
    • Our Organizational approach addresses:
      • Personal responsibility, self-reliance, and mastery
        • We accept that we are the masters of our own destiny.
        • We make decisions and live with the consequences of them.
        • When a problem needs to be fixed, or an opportunity exploited, we take the initiative to learn the required skills to get it done.
      • Mental models
        • We need to explore our personal mental models to understand the subtle effect they have on our behavior.
      • Shared vision
        • The vision of where “we want to be” in the future is discussed and communicated to all.
        • Guidelines are established that provides energy for the journey ahead.
      • Team learning
        • We learn together in teams.
        • Shifting from “a spirit of advocacy to a spirit of enquiry”.
      • Systems thinking
        • We look at the whole rather than the parts.
        • Integrating everything into a coherent strategy.
  • Cost minimization strategies
  • Product differentiation strategies
  • Markets focus strategies



Human Capital

“The Interaction of Human Relationships in the Working Environment”


  • Understanding the Personal Driving Dynamics of every individual in your company in every specific work environment
  • Working with what makes them tick - Every Day
  • Having the information to unlock their DNA


Unlock, acknowledge, and optimize your employees Personal Driving Dynamics™, their unique decision making processes, within each of their specific work environments:

  • The key to understanding their DNA hierarchy.
  • How they process their activities.
  • Their communication channel.
  • Effective interaction with their colleagues and supervisors.
  • Establishing their true and natural strengths
  • Identifying those areas within which they function optimally and naturally.
  • Understanding their Passion
  • Ensuring their highest effectiveness?
  • The discovery of their Personal Driving Dynamics™ – a powerful hierarchy of what naturally and uniquely drives us.
  • Understanding why we act in such a unique manner & why others act differently.


An exercise of Commanding Discovery


The Reality Check EcoMetric™ was purposefully designed to provide a clear and easily implemented resource to achieve these valuable objectives.


The Reality Check EcoMetric™ has its home in Human Ecology, which is a Scientific Discipline of the adaption between humans and their environment. The measuring of this fit is called Ecometrics and is a leading behavioural assessment of the quantification of human behaviour within a defined and specific environment.


The Reality Check EcoMetric™ is a powerful internet based management resource.

  • Statutory Compliance
    • Fully Compliant with the Employment Equity Act.
    • Scientifically Valid.
    • Scientifically Reliable.


The Reality Check EcoMetric™ is internet based; the entire process is completed on-line. As individual assessments or as a bundled assessment:

  • Well-Being Indicator (WBI)™
    • Approximately 5 minutes to complete.
    • The Pulse of the Company, Business Unit and Individual.
    • A ‘snapshot’ of the current state of Wellness.
    • “Organisational Wellbeing, the Ultimate Competitive Advantage” – Mckinsey & Co.
  • Personal Driving Dynamics (PDD)™
    • Approximately 15 minutes to complete.
    • Your Unique Language of Expression. Prioritized in order of personal hierarchy.
    • The very Core of Your Engine Room
    • The quantification of your unique hierarchy of Personal Driving Dynamics (PDD)™, the process we use every time we analyse choices and make a decision, every time we commit to a course of action.
  • Integrated Matrix
    • Approximately 15 minutes to complete.
    • The Team’s shared Dynamics.
    • Understanding what makes each one of them tick.
    • Optimizing Performance to new heights
  • Your Personal Instrument Panel
    • Approximately 45 minutes to complete
    • Essential Operating Data – specific to the current working environment


In Summary

The Pulse of your Company


  • Understanding the impact of Well-Being on the organisations performance and Financial Health.
  • A Scientifically Validated Human Capital Report.
  • A ‘Must Have’ addendum to Performance Appraisals.
  • Speed and ease of solutions for Sustainability and Growth.
  • A fundamental tool for Organizational Transformation.
  • Benchmark your Organisation.
  • Optimise Talent Management.
  • Effective Career Path Management.
  • Exceptional Recruiting & Profiling Resource
  • Celebration of Natural Frequencies.
  • Outstanding Team Builder



The strategic aspects of this data are ground-breaking in its application and simplicity of implementation. The Reality Check EcoMetric™ differentiates by focusing on the essentials of Company Environment and Personal Driving Dynamics.


As an Interpersonal and Group Dynamic, the Reality Check EcoMetric™ excels. The team gets to understand the unique driving process (the unique language) of each team member, affording them the rare opportunity of truly understanding each other and unlocking the power of communication. Learn to speak the language of your colleagues, afford them the opportunity of really understanding you.