Mark Hall & Associates - About Us



Do you have business, strategy of operational questions that you are incapable of answering or too busy to properly address?

This is where we come in, armed with the correct traits, to help address precisely those questions.


Who are we?

We are a management consulting practice that helps organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement.

Organizations draw upon our services for a number of reasons, including gaining external, objective advice and access to our specialized expertise.

As a result of our exposure to, and relationships with, numerous organizations, we are aware of industry "best practices”.

We may also provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services.


Why us?

“Adding value is the central purpose of business activity”,

Value Added = Market Value of Outputs – Cost of Inputs (including Capital)

The firm's net output

  • We are knowledgeable about the topic at hand
  • We are well-connected within the industry
  • We have a good reputation based on experience
  • We can effective communicate with all levels within your organization



What do we do?

Our job is to come up with the most comprehensive, data-driven insights and answers that you may or may not already know. This will form the basis for recommendations that we will provide, and from which you will make changes to your business to result in one or more of the following:

  • Increased revenue
  • Reduced costs
  • Clear strategic direction (acquisitions/divestitures/partnerships)
  • Organizational design and the game-plan for hiring and firing of employees
  • We can, furthermore, assist with:
    • Client meetings
    • Internal team meetings
    • Data gathering and analysis
    • Presentation creation
    • Conference calls



Why hire us?

  • Staff augmentation
    • The least impactful role that we can play and self-explanatory.
    • You may have short to medium-term staffing needs due to a variety of factors (eg, recent downsizings, sudden expansion).
    • In this situation, we will “plug a hole” by filling the role of full-time employees.
  • Best practices across industry and functions
    • Organization, supply chain, processes and procedures
    • We have the rare privilege of:
      • Serving multiple clients in the same sector
      • Serving multiple clients facing similar problems across different sectors
    • This enables us to recognize common attributes of effective solutions, applying lessons learned in applicable situations.
  • Analytical horsepower
    • A corollary to staff augmentation, you may need help solving issues and executing strategies where your skillsets and knowledge are insufficient.
    • We can be of great value given our training, experience and capabilities.
  • Fresh perspective
    • You may often need a fresh set of eyes – you’d be amazed at the amount of value we can add based on the most mundane observations and insights.
    • It can be easy to fall into daily routines without a critical eye towards measurement, analysis, and improvement.
  • Training and skillset augmentation
    • We incorporate training as a major ingredient.
    • The best recommendations are worthless if your organization can’t implement and maintain suggested changes.
    • Thus, a large part of what we do is educating your employees on necessary knowledge, skills and mindsets.
  • Personal attention
    • We live and breathe with your team. This means lot of meetings and an opportunity to build meaningful professional relationships
    • We work REALLY closely with your team.
    • Since 80% of the time we work in one room with the entire team, thus, we are always “on-call” and constantly interacting with other team members and your manager


Our Function:

We can function as bridges for information and knowledge, and can provide these bridging services more economically than our client themselves. We also bring varied experience from outside the company.

We have specialized skills on tasks that would involve high internal coordination costs for our clients, such as organization-wide changes or the implementation of information technology. In addition, because of economies of scale, our focus and experience in gathering information worldwide and across industries renders our information search less costly.


Our Approach:

In general various approaches to consulting can be thought of as lying somewhere along a continuum, with an 'expert' or prescriptive approach at one end, and a facilitative approach at the other.

  • In the expert approach, we take the role of expert, and provide expert advice or assistance, with
  • In the facilitative approach, we focus less on specific or technical expert knowledge, and more on the process of itself.

We are organized in a structured matrix;

  • Where one 'axis' describes a business function; for example, strategy, operations, technology, executive leadership, process improvement, talent management, sales, marketing, etc.
  • The second axis is an industry focus: for example, oil & gas, mining & metallurgy, infrastructure & environment, property, retail, automotive, etc.
  • Together, these form a matrix, with some of our associate consultants occupying one or more 'cells' in the matrix.


“There is no better source of competitive advantage than a continuous stream of delighted customers”

 We see ourselves taking a 'future-based' approach with our emphasis being the alignment of people within an organization to a common vision of the future of the organization. The essential concept is to understand that the way people perform, is seen to correlate to the way that the world occurs for them.